The practice of cranes

Nowadays, in the industrial modernization today, the practice of cranes can be used to improve the efficiency of operation, save the cost of business operations, and play an extremely important role for enterprises to occupy a place in the mall. Therefore, the crane is a vital part of maintenance and repair. So what is the necessity of repairing and maintaining the crane?electric wire rope hoist

1. Maintenance and protection content

The practice of cranes

The maintenance and protection of the crane includes daily inspection of the crane’s controller, electrical control system, safety protection device and other components. The wear and tear of the components in the crane operation are observed and maintained, and the wear and other conditions are promptly replaced and repaired. Regarding the possibility of failure caused by the sensation, pressure, temperature and leakage of the crane, it is necessary to check and observe it in time.

2. The necessity of maintenance and repair

During the long-term operation of the crane, the components and other components will have damage, aging, looseness and corrosion due to inevitable conflicts and sensation in the operation. The correct and useful maintenance and protection work for the crane will directly affect the safety of the Nanjing crane in the operation, and it will also have an important effect on the good follow-up ability of the crane and the useful extension of the service life.

In the exploration, drilling, oil production and oilfield surface engineering of major oilfields, cranes play an indispensable role in the lifting, loading, unloading, transportation and installation of various oilfield equipment materials. The important basis of mechanization and automation of the production process is therefore essential for the maintenance and maintenance of the crane systems to maintain their good operating conditions.

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