1)Rolling bearing moving bearing

On the side of the heap and the general development of the parts between one another for moving development of the bearing, it incorporates the pieces of the raceway and with or without segregation or guide bits of moving body bunch. Can be utilized to bear outspread, pivotal or spiral and hub joint burden.

2)Single line bearing single column bearing

With a line of moving assemblage of moving bearing.

3)Double column bearing twofold line bearing

With two columns of moving body moving bearing.

4)Multi-column bearing multi-line bearing

With multiple lines of moving body, bearing a similar heading of burden moving bearing, the best is to bring up the quantity of segments and bearing sort, for instance: “four column to the heart tube shaped roller bearing”.

(5) full supplement moving body bearing full supplement bearing

No keep outline bearing, each line of moving body circumferential leeway between the aggregate and not exactly the moving body width and as little as could be expected, to cause the bearing to have great execution.

6)Angular contact bearing rakish contact bearing

Ostensible contact point more noteworthy than 0 ° and under 90 ° moving bearing.

7)Self-adjusting bearing

A raceway is round, can adjust to two raceway hub between the rakish deviation and precise development of the bearing.

8)separable bearing divisible bearing

With divisible pieces of the moving bearing.

9)Non-divisible bearing non-distinct bearing

In the last gathering, bearing ring are not allowed to isolate the moving bearing. Note: For various techniques for isolating pieces of the bearing, for instance, there are twofold half collar (02, 01, 08) of the metal ball doesn’t give one more abridged term.

10)Inch bearing

The first plan aspects and resiliences of moving direction in majestic units.

(11) open bearing open bearing

No residue cover and fixing ring moving bearing.

12)Sealed bearing

A side or different sides of the moving holding on for a seal.

(13) dust cover bearing protected bearing

A side or different sides with a residue front of moving direction.

14)Closed bearing covered bearing

With a couple of seals, a couple of residue cover and a seal and a residue front of the moving bearing.

(15) to grease up bearing prelubricated bearing

The producer has been loaded up with grease moving bearing.

16)Instrument accuracy bearing instrument accuracy bearing

Instrument extraordinary moving bearing.

17)Group matching bearing matched bearing

With a couple or a gathering of moving orientation.


►Spiral bearing

spiral bearing

Moving direction predominantly used to convey spiral burdens, with an ostensible contact point somewhere in the range of 0° and 45°, with the essential parts being the inward ring, the external ring and the moving body with or without an enclosure.

outspread contact bearing

Ostensible contact point of 0 ° to the core of the moving bearing.

Point contact outspread bearing precise contact spiral bearing

Ostensible contact point more prominent than 0 ° to 45 ° to the core of the moving bearing.

Outer circular bearing supplement bearing

Spiral moving direction with an external circular surface and a wide inward ring with locking components. For the most part for straightforward lodging use.

tightened bore bearing

Tightened bore course with tightened openings in the internal ring.

Rib bearing flanged bearing

In its a sleeve, by and large is the external ring or tightened external ring on the external spiral spine of the outspread moving bearing.

Track roller (rolling) bearing

A centripetal moving holding on for a thick-segment external ring, track roller utilized as a wheel to move on a guideway, for example a cam guideway.

Holding ring type track roller (rolling) bearing burden type track roller (moving bearing)

A couple of level holding ring type track roller course are fitted.

general matching bearing

Any set or sets of indistinguishable outspread moving heading can be utilized together to acquire the necessary attributes two by two or gatherings.


► Push bearing

Push bearing

Basically utilized for bearing hub load moving bearing, its ostensible contact point is more noteworthy than 45 ° to 90, the essential parts for the shaft ring, seat ring and with or without the keep casing of the moving body.

Pivotal contact bearing hub contact bearing

Ostensible contact point of 90 ° push bearing.

Point contact push bearing precise contact push bearing

Ostensible contact point more noteworthy than 45 ° however under 90 ° of the push moving bearing.

Single course pushed bearing single heading push bearing

Just toward a path to bear the pivotal heap of pushed moving course.

Twofold course pushed bearing twofold heading push bearing

Can in two headings to bear the hub heap of the push moving bearing.

Twofold line two-way pushed bearing twofold column twofold heading push bearing

There are two columns of moving body two-way pushed moving bearing, each line just toward a path to bear the hub load.

Linear(motion)bearing linear(motion)bearing

Two raceways toward rolling have relative direct movement of the moving bearing.


►Metal roller

Metal roller

Moving heading whose moving body is a ball.

Outspread metal roller

Outspread metal balls with a ball moving body.

Profound section metal roller profound depression metal ball

Each ring has a cross-part of around 33% of the perimeter of the ball nonstop notch type raceway to the core of the metal roller.

Filling opening metal roller

In each section metal roller a holding edge on the filling opening, to have the option to fill more balls.

Lock mouth metal roller counterbored metal ball

The external ring of a holding edge all or some portion of the notch type metal roller.

Three point contact metal ball three point comtact metal ball

Single column precise contact metal roller when by unadulterated outspread burden, each by the heap of the ball and a furrow with two resources, and one more score with a resource. By unadulterated pivotal burden, each ball and each score just one point contact.

Four point contact metal ball four point contact metal ball

Single precise contact metal ball, when by unadulterated outspread burden, each by the heap of the ball and two furrows have two resources, and by unadulterated hub load, each main a resource.

Push metal ball push metal ball

Moving body is the ball pushed moving bearing.

Single column two-way pushed metal ball single line twofold directino push metal ball

Four-point contact metal roller with a contact point more prominent than 45°.

Twofold line single direction push metal ball doubel column single-course pushed metal ball

Single direction push metal balls with concentric raceways and bearing a similar directional burden.