American Crane produces and circulates a wide scope of upward cranes and lifts for use in a different exhibit of uses and businesses. We offer hand crafted gear arrangements fabricated, revamped and designed in-house as well as numerous norm “off the rack” dispersed items like bundled lifts. From a little 1/2 ton ratchet switch derrick to a 300 ton upward crane, we have the right gear for your application.

We can give electric, air, and hand controlled electric and chain lifts.

A portion of our derricks include:

American Crane Norheim Hoist Line

The American Crane Norheim Modular Hoist is the result of long periods of designing skill, bringing about a plan that uses promptly accessible, business parts.

The plan gives adaptability in a wide assortment of uses bringing about an item with unrivaled unwavering quality, toughness, and practical activity.

Agreeable with (HMI) Hoist Manufacturers Institute Class H-4

Obligation Class Ratings as per CMAA:
CMAA Class D Duty as much as 60 Ton Capacity
CMAA Class An and B Duty 70 to 160 Ton Capacity
For CMAA Class E and F and Custom Designs mini electric hoist 100kg Consult Factory
The Norheim Hoist Line is accessible with limit choices as much as 160 tons, lifts up to 250 ft. also adaptable derrick speeds up to 33 FPM.

American Crane Open Deck Hoisting Machinery

American Crane’s open deck raising apparatus is produced to the tough quality prerequisites and guidelines set by the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) in obligation classes “A” through “F” and every one of our cranes are processing plant tried before shipment.

American Crane Custom Wire Rope Hoists

We can plan and fabricate Custom Wire Rope Hoists to meet your particular application OR we can reconstruct and update your current lift.

We additionally offer electric wire rope raise from Coffing, Munck, Yale, Shawbox and Chester Hoist.

American Crane is pleased to offer derrick from Columbus McKinnon remember for Coffing, Yale, Shaw-box and Chester Hoist. CM produces and markets a wide scope of derricks and upward cranes for use in an assortment of ventures all over the planet. From 550 lb. limit Series 602 small fastener switch lift that can fit in your lunch box to our 60-ton, high-limit LodeKing electric wire rope models, we have the right derrick for your application. We convey a broad line of fueled cranes, including electric and pneumatic chain and wire rope lifts. We additionally offer a full line of manual derricks, both hand chain and switch apparatuses. Albeit many cranes are standard “off the rack” units, we can adjust most lifts to meet your careful necessities.

American Crane and Equipment Corporation offers uniquely designed lifting gadgets intended to tackle various dealing with issues. From complex custom gear to standard hardware, parts and parts, American Crane can meet all your material dealing with needs. American Crane can fabricate new gear or reconstruct your current hardware. We can give pre-designed modern cranes and raises and a full line of custom cranes and derricks to meet every client’s particular application.