Bearing Parts

Steel ball/Roller:carbon-chromium bearing steel GCr15SiMn or GCr15 for moving Material

Pen: incorporate necessary confine, section confine and spacer-type confine. We utilize 20# steel or copper for indispensable and portion confines, PA 1010 tar or QA110-3-105 albronze for spacer-type confines.

Seals:uses NBR or VITON, hardly any felted fleece.

Single column cross roller slewing bearing

It is made out of a few rings. It has minimal construction, light weight, high assembling exactness, little get together hole and high necessity for establishment precision. Rollers are 1:1 cross-masterminded. It can bear hub power, toppling second and enormous outspread power simultaneously. It is generally utilized in lifting transportation, development hardware and military items.

Three column roller slewing bearing

It have three seat rings, the upper and lower raceways and the outspread raceways are isolated, with the goal that the heap of each column of roller can be resolved precisely. Having the option to bear a wide range of burdens simultaneously, it is the biggest one of the four underlying items with enormous pivot and outspread measurements and firm construction. It is particularly reasonable for large equipment requiring bigger distance across, for example, can wheel stacker and reclaimer, wheel crane, marine crane, port crane, scoop turret and huge weight truck crane. Large equipment, etc.

Bearing for wind turbines supplier

It is made out of two seat rings. It has conservative design, light weight, and four-point contact between steel ball and curve raceway. It can bear pivotal power, spiral power and toppling second simultaneously. The development hardware of rotational transport, welding controller, little and medium-sized crane and tractor can be chosen.