Cast iron is more prone to rust and corrosion of the material, because of the high carbon content of cast iron, the internal structure of porous structure, porous structure. The cleaning method of cast iron is different from the common cold rolled plate. In the cleaning process, only neutral industrial cleaning agent can be used. Once an acidic or alkaline cleaning agent is used, during cleaning, the cleaning agent penetrates the porous structure of the surface and enters the cast iron, leading to the corrosion of the iron from the inside, resulting in a loss of cast iron strength.
What is a good cleaning of malleable iron pipe fittings?
In recent years, domestic metal surface treating agent manufacturers through continuous technical breakthroughs, according to the nature of cast iron parts, cast iron rust cleaning agent for the smooth R & D success.
Cast iron antirust cleaning agent is a neutral industrial cleaning agent specially used for cleaning cast iron surface. It uses a unique cleaning formula and makes a breakthrough in cleaning and antirust.
The use of cast iron antirust cleaning agent:
First cast iron antirust cleaning agent liquid according to the specifications of the proportion of water into the tank, it is worth noting that the water comes in to choose industrial pure water, or deionized water. And then cast iron rust cleaning agent bath liquid poured into the constant temperature ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank, open the ultrasonic cleaner. Then, a part of the cast iron is immersed in the bath solution of a cast iron cleaning agent. Finally, after cleaning, remove the cast iron, the surface of the residual cast iron antirust cleaning agent liquid cleaning, into the next process.
What products do you have for cast iron stuff?
Cast iron foundation platform is mainly suitable for a variety of inspection work, precision measurement of the benchmark plane; For machine tool mechanical inspection and measurement standards; It is also an indispensable basic tool to check the dimensional accuracy or shape deviation of the parts and make a tight scribe in the machinery manufacture.
The use of the base platform: The basic platform should be installed and debugged first. Before it can be used. There is no sense in working on a base platform that has not been installed and debugged properly, The installation and debugging of the basic platform by non-professional personnel is illegal operation, which may damage the structure of the foundation platform, and even cause the deformation of the base platform, making it damaged and unusable. So before use, we have to have professional staff for the installation and debugging of the basic platform, non-professional staff is a violation of the operation, to be absolutely not adopted.
After installation and debugging, wipe the working surface of the basic platform clean, In the case of no problem to confirm the use, the use of the process, to avoid the workpiece and the working face of the foundation platform have excessive collision, prevent damage to the working surface of the basic platform; The weight of the workpiece should not exceed the rated load of the base platform, otherwise it will cause the work quality to be reduced, and the structure of the basic platform may be damaged, and even cause the foundation platform to be deformed, so that it can not be used.