Water oxygen injection active skin is using pressure oxygen and water, to less than 80 micron molecular particles, to spray flow on the skin, the active water molecules and pure oxygen quickly into the deep skin, accelerate the skin renewal of nutrition absorption. Through strong pressure through the skin pores and skin cracks, from the epidermal layer to penetrate the dermis. On the one hand, it stimulates collagen tissue regeneration, on the other hand it can directly accelerate the supply of oxygen to the skin and promote the metabolism of cells.

Principle of Water Oxygen Injection

  1. 1. The use of strong pressure will be oxygen molecules water molecules and negative oxygen ions blend atomized molecular mass high-speed jet to the acne skin, anaerobic propionibacterium acnes contact oxygen, leading to the death of bacteria high-speed saline can remove deeper epidermal garbage, In the solution added nutrients or drugs can repair damaged tissues, improve sebaceous glands oil secretion, negative oxygen ions change the wound pH, promote epithelial proliferation, inhibit wound bacteria, accelerate wound healing.
  2. 2. Skin care and anti-wrinkle use of strong pressure will be oxygen molecules water molecules and negative oxygen ion blend atomized molecular mass high speed spray to the skin, Can penetrate the skin cuticle, the skin lack of negative oxygen ion oxygen molecules and water from the epidermis until penetration into the dermis, Quickly and directly provide sufficient nutrition for the skin, so as to promote the regeneration of cells and remove deep epidermal garbage, and then achieve the effective removal of skin dullness, tender skin wrinkle effect.
  3. 3. Improve allergic skin negative oxygen ions inhibit the formation of colorless triene, so that the body is not easy to cause allergy or inflammation.
    In simple terms, the water and oxygen therapy instrument is to inject the bottom of the human skin and oxygen to achieve the purpose of deep replenishment, tender skin cleansing, beauty salons to carry out projects preoperative skin preparation and postoperative cleaning equipment, is conducive to more beauty customers.

The main functions of the water oxygen injection are:
(1) Provide sufficient oxygen for skin, increase cell activity, improve skin dark condition, make skin ruddy, transparent, delay skin aging.
(2) Remove facial dirt, even complexion, make skin become white.
(3) raise skin oxygen content, help sterilization, bacteriostasis, prevent acne, regulate sebaceous glands secretion, reduce facial acne.
(4) oxygen can activate cell, increase the activity of skin collagen cell, accelerate collagen fiber growth, make skin delicate and firm.
(5) Promotes metabolism, strengthens the body function, causes the toxin and the waste to be easy to expel from the body.
(6) Balance dry, oily skin, skin can moisturize up to 24 hours.
(7) reduce light age spot, smooth fine lines, delicate smooth skin.
(8) repair damaged skin, reduce because of excessive skin grinding, laser and other stimulative treatment after the red phenomenon, reorganization of healthy cells, improve skin absorption of nutrients.

Notes for Operation of Water Oxygen Injection

  1. 1. can be matched with liquid skin care products, such as essence, toner, water light, saline, etc.
  2. 2. essence into 3 times a week. Energy water, physiological saline can be used every day, each time about 10 minutes.
  3. 3. the operation process, remember, in accordance with the skin texture to a line to the line to go up.
  4. 4. the operation process, operation to the eyeball and upper lip, remember to use wet towel cover.
  5. 5. part of the customer absorption is not good, should be timely adjustment spray gun knob, adjust spray size.

Attention to the use of water oxygen injection

  1. 1. after using the instrument, inject water and spray for 2 minutes, clean the spray gun.
  2. 2. empty water after emptying, air spray for 10 seconds, air-dry spray gun interior, so as not to breed bacteria.
  3. 3. use a towel after the use of equipment to wipe clean and properly preserved.
  4. 4. please make sure that the instrument in a stable state of use, in case of accidental fall.
  5. 5. in order to ensure the treatment effect and normal service life of the instrument, please use the original manufacturers provide or suggest the use of specified accessories.
  6. 6. in strict accordance with the user manual and qualified professionals trained to operate this instrument.