With the continuous progress of science and technology, agricultural machinery technology has been significantly improved, and the application and promotion of agricultural machinery has become a key concern of the relevant departments. And the application and promotion of new agricultural machinery technology is inseparable from the innovation and training of agricultural machinery technology. In this regard, the current stage of cognitive agricultural machinery technology innovation and training status quo, and take effective measures to strengthen the reality is of great significance. In this regard, the author in the work experience summary, based on the following analysis of agricultural machinery technology innovation and training.

The current situation of agricultural machinery technology innovation and training

1.Lack of innovation awareness

Innovation is the inexhaustible power of a country’s prosperity, every industry needs continuous innovation, agricultural production is also needed to improve crop production through continuous innovation. Therefore, in the mechanized production of agriculture, innovation and training of agricultural machinery technology is crucial. When looking at the current situation of innovation and training development of agricultural machinery technology, its innovation is not high. For example, in the training of agricultural machinery technology, not according to the actual situation, the use of innovative, targeted approach to the organization of training activities, which is not conducive to the understanding and application of new machinery technology for farmers. In this regard, do not follow the old ways in the process of training, but pay attention to divergent thinking and innovative methods.

2.Lack of attention to training

In the process of agricultural production more people pay attention to the traditional planting experience, and very believe that the traditional planting experience is the most appropriate, for foreign agricultural training personnel have doubts, the knowledge of agricultural machinery technology is not a lot, which makes people resist agricultural training, so many people do not pay much attention to agricultural machinery technology training, some people even participate in the mechanical training attitude is not Positive, can not seriously learn the training content, so that the quality of training declined, can not really master the essentials of technology, accurate memorization of technical knowledge, some people are able to listen to understand some agricultural machinery technology knowledge but not combined with agricultural production, which makes agricultural machinery technology training becomes meaningless. The learning of agricultural machinery technology is not only the simple imitation of agricultural machinery technology, but more importantly, understanding the basic principles of mechanical technology. If you do not listen carefully or understand the deviation will lead to future maintenance of agricultural machinery in the process of operating errors, thus causing serious consequences.

3.Training content needs to be updated

Agricultural machinery technology is constantly innovating and developing, so the relevant departments in agricultural machinery technology training, should keep up with the changes and development of the agricultural machinery market, make adequate preparations to ensure the applicability of the content, scientific and accurate, so that the people receiving training can learn advanced agricultural machinery technology, and the practical application of this knowledge combined. However, from the overall perspective of agricultural machinery technology training, it is found that the speed of updating the content of agricultural machinery technology training is much lower than the speed of innovation of agricultural machinery and equipment, coupled with the inadequate understanding of the new agricultural machinery technology by some trainers, resulting in the content of the explanation is not thorough, unknown, thus failing to meet the training objectives and requirements, so that agricultural machinery technology training tends to formal development.

Agricultural machinery technology training measures

In the in-depth development of knowledge-based economy, the importance of agricultural machinery technology innovation and training is increasingly prominent, the innovation and training of agricultural machinery technology has become an important means of dragging the construction and development of agricultural modernization, not only to enhance the scientific level of agricultural production, is also conducive to the in-depth understanding of farmers of agricultural machinery technology, so that they can better use agricultural machinery and equipment in the process of agricultural production, the benefit of doing so is to Improve the utilization rate of agricultural machinery and improve crop yields.

  • Establishing a new concept of innovation and training

With “innovation and development” as the guiding ideology, helping farmers to establish a sense of innovation will help them to receive and master more professional training knowledge. At present, farmers need to understand more technical knowledge of agricultural machinery, so that they can operate agricultural machinery and equipment, but farmers have a low level of education, so there will be some difficulty in the training process, the trainers should be combined with the actual level of farmers to do a good job of investigation, to answer farmers’ concerns, to help farmers better understand and apply agricultural machinery and equipment, mechanized attention and production. Thus, in the subtle perception of the importance of agricultural machinery technology innovation and training, to enhance their training activities to participate in the initiative and enthusiasm, and the application of the knowledge and skills learned to the actual production operations, to achieve the professional management and maintenance of farmers’ machinery and equipment.

  • Update the way of innovative training

Innovative programs of agricultural machinery technology can increase the attractiveness of training and promote the smooth implementation of training. Innovative training methods focus on technology. Technology is the core strength of agricultural development, and talent as a carrier of technological innovation and application, absorbing and training more agricultural machinery technology talent, is a prerequisite for promoting the technological innovation and application of agricultural machinery, but also to achieve the optimization of agricultural machinery technology training methods based on the influencing factors.

  • Enrich the content of teaching materials

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, agricultural machinery technology is also developing, so the content of teaching materials should also change with the development of agricultural machinery technology. Agricultural machinery technology should be improved together with the textbook, in agricultural machinery technology training to keep pace with the times, keep pace with the development of the times, the introduction of more practical cases in the content of the textbook to assist farmers to understand, from a variety of ways to find methods, in short, to enrich the content of the textbook.

  • Improve the quality of training personnel

Usually farmers on the understanding and mastery of agricultural machinery technology training content and the training staff’s own quality and ability of the height of the existence of close relevance. Training? The quality of the personnel themselves determines the suitability and rationality of the training content and training methods, which affects the effectiveness and quality of training. Therefore, in order to improve the effect of agricultural machinery technology training, first of all, to improve the professional quality of training personnel, training personnel should have a strong knowledge of theory to constantly enrich themselves, followed by the mastery of scientific training methods, so that farmers more easily accepted. The trainer’s own quality directly affects the training effect, so the trainer’s in the farmers to do training at the same time to improve their knowledge and master the advanced machinery and equipment technology. According to their own training experience summed up a set of training programs easily accepted by farmers.


Innovation and training of agricultural machinery technology is the basis and guarantee of modernization of China’s agricultural development. Strengthening the innovation and training of agricultural machinery technology and improving the quality and level of agricultural mechanization production is an important way to promote the optimal development of agricultural industry and enhance the economic benefits of agriculture. But the training of agricultural machinery technology is a gradual process can not be too hasty, through the joint efforts of the trainer and the trained personnel to achieve the ultimate training goal.